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  • Kalama Methanol Hearing and Comment Period
    Updated On: Sep 21, 2020

    Brothers and Sisters, please take a moment to imagine a carbon reduction project in Washington State that can remove as much global GHGs as:

    • Closing Colstrip plants 1 and 2 in Montana, or
    • Closing the Centralia coal plant, or
    • Making Seattle carbon-emission free, or
    • The equivalent of expanding Sound Transit more than 5 times.

    Imagine that this project costs nothing from taxpayers. In fact, it:

    • Creates 1,000 family-wage jobs during construction
    • Creates nearly 200 permanent jobs
    • Produces $30-40 million in tax revenue for critical public services annually

    It also includes a carbon reduction investment plan which will:

    • Invest an estimated $10 million per year in carbon reduction projects
    • Include tribal, labor, environmental and environmental justice members on its governance board
    • Prioritize investments in communities with high environmental health disparities

    This is what the Kalama Methanol Facility will do. It will also create a pathway to decarbonize the everyday materials that we use.

    If we are going to be able to build this project, we need your help and we need it today.


    1. Sign up for and attend one of the virtual public hearings. This is an opportunity to learn about and comment on the report's findings. Register NOW!

    1. Use this link - LetsBuildThisWA- to submit a comment in support of the project.  

    Ecology will accept public comments over the next 30 days on the project.

    I’ve been a supporter of this project from the beginning because I think it is the right thing for our community and the right thing for our shared environment, but I realize that some folks oppose this project, so don't take my word for it. Take the Department of Ecology's word.

    Ecology, the highest regulatory authority in the State of Washington, has just completed a secondary SEIS at the request of the environmental community on the facility. After another year of evaluation, Ecology has concluded that the project will most likely result in the reduction of 6 million tons of carbon emissions globally. That is just about twice the amount of carbon emissions from the City of Seattle every year. Even at the most conservative estimate, Ecology confirms that the Kalama facility will benefit the planet as much as making every building in Seattle carbon free and by doubling the size of Sound Transit’s rail and bus program.

    I urge you to look at the facts and the science – and take a position in support of this project. 

    If you want more details, here is a link to the report

    Unfortunately, some environmental organizations are already coming out opposed to the project because they ignore the GHG benefits on the other side of the planet. Let's not be NIMBYs.  Global warming is a global issue and a ton of carbon reduced in China is just as meaningful as a ton reduced here.

    Let's not let blinders get in our way of seeing the facts. Let's get moving on reducing carbon emissions.

    Let's get busy on showing that Cowlitz County and Washington State have the ability to make a meaningful impact on confronting climate change and that rural and small town America can benefit from this work by creating new, family wage jobs.

    Thank you for your consideration of science, of facts and of supporting this significant carbon reduction project in rural Washington. It will be meaningful if our workers, our families, and communities can benefit from this project. 

    Please add your voice today.

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